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Bogarodica Mother of God
“She Who is Quick to Hear”

Oil on Canvas
by Ariane Trifunovic Montemuro
“I pray whatever I do or create, God gives me the strength and spiritual discernment to use my talents for His glory! I also hope that my works inspire people to become closer to God, through His Holy Orthodox Christian Saints.”
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Ariane takes the time to impart deep meaning and custom details to each subject she paints. An academically trained oil painter, she often embellishes each artwork piece with genuine gold leaf. A considerable amount of preparation time is taken with each commission. Ariane will request stories, photos and any meaningful, significant information that can help her understand her subject. All information and photos will be returned to you. Of course, if possible, meeting the subject is ideal. Ariane believes painting for you is an honor. Each one is created with the intention of becoming a treasure for your family and a legacy for future generations to enjoy.


For those who wish to support war-torn
Serbian Orthodox Christians in Kosovo

The two paintings featured in the Gallery and shown below, “Apostolic Succession” and “St. Nikolai, (Nikolaj) Velimirović, Apostle from Lelic,” are available for sale in smaller, unframed giclée canvas reproductions (9.5” w x 13” h) and may be purchased for $200 each.


Shipping is $25 for domestic orders and added at the time of purchase. For those who require overseas shipments, please use the Contact form to discuss options. A portion of the proceeds will go to benefit the Decani Monastery Relief Fund. For a larger view of each of the images, go to the Gallery page.
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“St. Nikolai (Nikolaj) Velimirović,
Apostle from Lelic, Serbia (1880-1956)”

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“Apostolic Succession”

Click on to the paintings to enlarge.

$100 of each sale goes to the Decani Monastery Relief Fund to support the suffering Orthodox Christians in Kosovo. Please consider helping an area of the world that has been forgotten!
To inquire about purchasing an original oil painting from Ariane just go to the Contact page to send in your request for information on how to retain her services.

For sales outside the United States, shipping costs for original oil paintings will vary depending on the best method for acceptance at the port of entry, along with satisfaction of local customs requirements.

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